Do you have “Unfinished Business” in your life?


Do you have “Unfinished Business” that is affecting your current level of functioning? At times it is important to take a step back and look a little closer into your current existence. Are you constantly being affected in some way by a form of grief that is burdening you and preventing you from functioning to the best of your potential. Whether it be the death of a loved one, the breakup of a relationship, the loss of a job or the loss of independence through disability that has affected your life in a major way. Sometimes we think that if we just get on with our life our grievances will resolve on their own accord however research has shown that unfinished business or unresolved grief has the potential to have a devastative effect on our existence whereby we could spiral downwards and lose the ability to function as a coherent adult. What I am referring to is complicated grief that infiltrates our system in every possible way. Categorically complicated grief is intense grief that has drastically affected our lives for at least 2 years in duration. 

At Life Counselling Solutions, we can assist you with interventional strategies that will allay your anxieties and resolve your level of grief so that you can slowly start to feel the freedom of release from the overburdening pressures of such complicated grief.

Should your grief be the death of a loved one, Life Counselling Solutions can assist you to create an alternative pathway where you can start to function as an independent being again whilst still treasuring the memories of that special person who you hold close to your heart. 

Should your grief be the loss of a spouse through a relationship breakdown, Life Counselling Solutions can assist you to air your grievances whether it be sadness, regret, anger or relief so that such emotions are dealt with accordingly. Therefore you will start to develop the ability to function independently as a confident individual with an increased self-esteem and a somewhat more optimistic ability to cope without your former partner. 

Should your grief be from the loss of a job, Life Counselling Solutions can assist you to deal appropriately with your various issues so that your life can take on a different perspective whereby you can develop the strength to deal with your issues and acquire new skills that enrich you with the new found confidence and assertiveness which is not only appealing to potential workplace employers but also equips you to face the working environment. 

Should your grief be related to your loss of independence through disability that has greatly impacted your physical and mental ability to function independently, Life Counselling Solutions can be assistive with strengthening you to become more accepting of your disability as well as providing you with the encouragement to explore your chances of regaining some level of independence throughout your journey of recovery.

Don’t hesitate to call us today so we can assist with empowering you throughout your life changing strategies in resolving your grief.