The Link between Eating Disorders & Underlying Psychological Issues

I believe that the treatment of any eating disorder should focus on the goal of reversing the physical damage caused by the disorder as well as seeking resolution for any psychological issues that may initially have culminated in the client’s development of the eating disorder. Therefore counselling can assist in identifying the emotions, behaviours and situations triggering the disorder. Such identification can prove extremely beneficial to the client with learning new skills to assist them with tolerating uncomfortable sensations and situations.

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The newly acquired coping skills empower them to become successful with replacing their unhealthy habits for practices that are much more preferable in ensuring their intake of regular balanced nutrition. Counselling is the key to unlocking and alleviating what is continually and drastically impacting the client to inadequately nourish their body with either an insufficiency of food or to the other extreme of overeating which also causes disturbances in their overall homeostatic balance and predisposes them to the plethora of chronic illnesses linked to obesity from poor nutrition. Either way the client becomes malnourished by the decreased nutrition whether it be an inadequate amount such as in the case of a client with anorexia nervosa or a bulk amount of the wrong type of food as exemplified by an obese client whose body is desperately requiring a lesser quantity yet much improved quality so as to receive the necessitative nutritional balance.

As a counsellor, I can be assistive to a client with an eating disorder in addressing their underlying problems whether it be for anxiety, depression, or even the grief of a lost loved one so that they can effectively seek resolution for the issues that are detrimentally affecting their current level of functioning. In the treatment of my clients psychological wellbeing I create a personalised treatment plan tailored to the individual needs and personality of each client with consideration of any previous treatment experience that hasn’t worked for them in the past as well as acknowledging their willingness to recover from the eating disorder. Such a specialized treatment plan gives hope to an individual struggling with both anorexia and anxiety or any other psychological issue that may be troubling them and as a consequence allows them to find the freedom and peace through their new acquired coping mechanisms thereby allaying their anxiety and creating a much more enjoyable and fulfilling existence.  Furthermore, I am able to ensure the provision of nutritional and dietary guidelines that are essential for a well balanced nutritious diet and can also enlist the services of a dietician or naturopath should the client require additional comprehensive dietary information so as to be successful in the amelioration of their particular eating disorder.

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