10 Simple Tips to Survive not Despise the School Holidays


The school holidays can be an enjoyable instead of stressful time for Mothers through forward planning. Think positive about being able to enjoy a slower less stressful start to each day, instead of the usual school morning struggle of getting kids out of bed, neatly dressed and out the door on time equipped with their nutritious lunch box.

1.    Complete the Christmas shopping before the holidays start, it prevents having little prying eyes around or having to leave them at home alone whilst you’re battling the Christmas crowds.

2.    Involve the kids in the Christmas preparations of putting up the Christmas tree, gift wrapping presents, cooking Christmas biscuits and cakes, and putting up the Christmas lights.

3.    Assist each school age child to spring clean their bedroom when the holidays start. It not only ensures the area is ready for the influx of back to school stationery, it also increases responsibility for them to continue to keep their bedroom tidy.

4.    Set screen time boundaries from the start to ensure kids spend more time planning their indoor/outdoor activities.

5.    Encourage good old fashioned backyard fun with getting under the sprinkler, water pistols, building treehouses, and doing crafts such as painting, pottery and woodwork.

6.    Focus on inexpensive outings that are not a further drain on your finances. These could include packing a picnic basket and meeting friends at the beach, park, bike track, as well as bushwalking or fishing and swimming at the river.

7.    Bring out the packed away toys that haven’t been used for a while such as the lego, jigsaw puzzles and board games.

8.    Use of positive rewards after the Christmas preparations are completed could include a trip to the cinema, theme park or ice skating rink.

9.    Organise play dates with the kids inviting friends over to play.

10. Check what the local council, shopping centres and Bunnings have on offer for school holiday entertainment.


       Happy & Smooth Sailing over the School Holidays Everyone!