Welcome to my new practice


Welcome to Life Counselling Solutions, Sunshine Coast.

It has been many months in the making but we are finally here!  My new counselling practice will open it's doors here on the Sunshine Coast on 13 November 2014. I am looking forward to welcoming you and supporting you to make lasting changes to your life.

Our counselling service facilitates assistance to couples and individuals with seeking resolution for the distressing issues they are currently experiencing in their lives. We offer an empathic and non-judgemental down to earth approach where you can feel most at ease to openly express all your concerns in order to find beneficial solutions that will empower you with realigning your pathways and achieving your desired outcomes.

The strategies you undertake will enable you to create the necessary changes and restore the harmony back into your life situations thereby enriching you with a newly found confidence as well as an increased self esteem. Such skills will prove productive in rendering you as a master of your own domain with the capacity to become successful in resolving all issues that you encounter in the future.

I look forward to meeting you soon.